Summary SAAQ


One extra drink, it's expensive !

Following a first conviction

  • Minimal fine for alcohol-impaired driving: $600
  • Alcofrein session : $150
  • Summary assessment : $220
  • Comprehensive assessment if summary is unfavorable : $547

Following a second or subsequent conviction

  • Comprehensive assessment : $619
  • Ignition interlock costs (subject to change)
  • Installation : $135 + $25 file closure plus taxes & insurance.
  • Monthly lease charge : $95 + taxes
  • Fines for driving while prohibited under the Criminal Code, in addition to vehicle impounded charges:$1 500 to $3 000
  • Fees for license issue again after a Criminal Code conviction, depending on whether it follows a first, second, third, or subsequent offence:$300 to $400

The highway Safety Code was made more severe in 2002 with regards to people who have been convicted of alcohol-impaired driving.

With the new approach, it is now possible to detect the likelihood of re-offending, even after a first conviction. Also these people will have their driver's license withdrawn for a longer length of time, and in order to get a license to drive again, they will be required to use their vehicle with an alcohol ignition interlock.

New measures from the Safety Code

  • On-the-spot suspension of the driving license for 15 to 30 days following an interception for drinking and driving or by refusing to submit a sample of breath or blood even if the person is submitted to the tolerance zero rule or if the person is exceeding the 80mg per 100ml limit of alcohol in the blood.
  • On-the-spot license suspension for 30 days to 90 days, for a repeat offender, convicted over the past 10 years of:
    • 1. Committing an infraction of the Criminal Code related to driving a vehicle; or
    • 2. Not respecting the rule tolerance zero alcohol, which brought on the suspension of the license; License suspension for 90 days includes the right to review of the case by the SAAQ.
  • Persons convicted for the first time of driving while impaired must undergo a summary assessment in an addiction rehabilitation center to determine whether their drinking habits compromise the safe operation of a motor vehicle. If the assessor's recommendation is unfavorable, a comprehensive assessment will be necessary.
  • To get a license to drive again, a repeated impaired-driving offender or someone whose summary assessment is unfavorable must meet both of the following conditions :
    • 1. The comprehensive assessment must clearly conclude that the person's alcohol consumption does not compromise the safe operation of a motor vehicle;
    • 2. The person's vehicle must be equipped with alcohol ignition interlock for one year in the case of a first alcohol-related Criminal Code conviction, two years for a second conviction and three years for a third or subsequent conviction.

To determine if there is recurrence

The reference period used in qualifying a repeat offence is 10 years (Formerly it was 5 years)

The offender's license is revoked for 3 years (instead of two) following a second alcohol-related Criminal Code conviction, and for five years (instead of three) for a third or subsequent conviction.

A new driver who consumes alcohol and drives will have his or her driver's license suspended for a period of 30 days or 90 days if the person has been found guilty (within the past ten years) of :

Committing a criminal infraction related to driving; or Not respecting the rule tolerance zero alcohol, which brought on the suspension of the license.

For your security and the one of other PLEASE use Point Zero 8.